Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Offsetting Fouls–Rule Change Needed

I like the NFL for their desire to continually make football better. I am amazed how a defender can line up off sides, but then the offensive lineman will hold him to prevent him from hitting his quarterback. The result is offsetting fouls and replay the down. That’s not right.

This rule should be changed so that if the second foul was a result of the other team committing a foul, the first team should be the only one penalized. Therefore if the defensive lineman lines up off sides, his team is penalized 5 yards regardless if the offensive lineman holds him after.

One might argue that this rule change would basically give the offensive lineman in this situation, the right to commit a foul. So what! It would keep both sides from committing as many stupid fouls and slowing up the game replaying downs. This rule would not work in all situations though.

In situations where a player throws a punch at another player, both teams should be penalized if the other player throws a punch as well. Therefore this rule change would work in certain situations and not in more flagrant fouls.